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Commitment to natural oil Essential oils include natural ingredients unique to people I have an appeal to appeal to. And Its toughness is very versatile, there is no possibility It extends to the limit.

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It is a resort hotel on Hamamatsu lake. We will welcome you with spacious spacious rooms and hot spring open-air bath, seasonal dishes and hearty hospitality.


Gentle fragrance with citrus and herbs, with universally preferred natural elegance

For the day of traveling away from everyday life, wish to be covered in a pleasant "fluctuation" and relax your body and mind. Born from such thought, the hospitality concept of Yukawa Tower Ikawa is "fluctuating enjoyment with the five senses." In the entrance, the "fluctuation monument" designed based on the concept welcomes guests.
ru de mix
Trend shop where you can select domestic and foreign brand items and enjoy MIX style choice of high sensitivity urban casual We veiled a floral vegetation into the warm woody fragrance that wraps softly In the case of
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Hospitality with Aroma


As evidenced by aroma therapy with a long history in the West, there is also a function appealing to the heart of a person unique to natural ingredients, even to the scent of 100% natural essential oil used in aroma space design. And its tombs are extremely versatile and the possibilities are infinite. Utilizing this feature, we offer "Aroma Space Design" which expresses corporate brands and services in "aroma". By sharing the aroma space with everyone who visits space, it makes possible a more intuitive five senses branding which was difficult only by visual sense and hearing sense. Space can only be experienced by going there. What is told and how do you feel it to those who visited the site? Improve the spatial value by the natural scent and functionality of plants. In addition, by understanding the space itself as a point of contact with customers, we offer services that enhance the corporate value of customers from the approach of fragrance.



Aroma space design


Designing a space with an aroma is to utilize the various functions of aromatherapy and create a "space to appeal to people's sensibility and function." At KaoriLab, we will make in-depth meetings and propose scents including not only the obvious needs of our customers but also the potential needs behind them. We also support total system design, equipment introduction, construction, operation management, maintenance, according to space and air conditioning system, so that the fragrance fills space with optimum condition. Experienced professional staff will create only one aroma space in the world for our customers.


Benefits of introduction


In recent years, many companies strategically introduced aromas into space and is beginning to make effective use. The added value and merit obtained by introducing fragrance varies depending on the type of industry and company, but in many cases, utilizing the power to empathize fragrance directly to emotion, to use the ability to memorize in conjunction with experiences, and enterprise branding · It is used to realize sales promotion marketing, customer communication and so on.

Aroma space desgin

Office · hotel · hospital · fitness · showroom · wedding We will produce + α with a functioning scent

Original blend

Space with original fragrance according to company and brand image By designing, the impression of that moment becomes even stronger, That memory will remain in the brain with its aroma and that fragrance It reminds me of space and time.

One day lesson


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